Mini Firefighter

Stops a small fire becoming a major disaster

Innovative, Approved and Certified

Flames are suffocated preventing re-ignition. UL Standard

Easy to use. Just shake and spray

Its easy grip means it can be used by anyone

Be prepared

Perfect for the Home, Kitchen, Auto, Office, RV, Boat, Garage, Camping

Mini Firefighter

Stops a small fire becoming a major disaster

Eliminates all fire types. No mess. No Fuss. Non-Toxic

Your Easy To Use Shake and Spray Solution

We all want to protect our homes and families. Mini Firefighter gives you peace of mind with an immediate solution in the event of a small fire breaking out in your personal space. You can avert disaster with this innovative product at your fingertips. 

Did you know that a fire doubles every 30 seconds? Your quick thinking and intervention could stop a small fire becoming a major disaster. 

With over 1.5 Million Mini Fire Fighter's sold worldwide this small, portable and lightweight fire extinguisher eliminator has proven it is powerful enough to confidently extinguish oil, grease, gasoline, electric and wood fires fast.

Your Mini Firefighter In Action

Mini Firefighter fire extinguisher kitchen fires

Your Personal Fireman In A Can


Eliminates all fire types. No fuss. no mess. non toxic

Mini Firefighter

Innovative foam based formula

Stops the toughest of fires

Easy clean

Store it in handy places


I bought two Mini Fire Extinguishers. For myself and my mother. I wanted them for kitchen fires. They're small and easy to handle.

Karin Coller, MA

I love the size of the mini firefighter. It fits great in the kitchen cabinet next to the gas stove/oven.

Ginger S. VA

Makes me feel safer especially because it's easy enough for the kids to use if needed. Covers all fires, even grease fires!

Stacey Dean, CT


The Grommet

Having this home fire extinguisher on hand makes putting out a fire easy and straightforward. The size makes it easy to store, too.

Mini Firefighter is an eco-friendly extinguisher that operates like a can of hairspray. Push the nozzle and its foam expands up to 40 times its size around the fire, contracting to prevent re-ignition. Once it cools, the foam transforms into a gel you can wipe off.

The nontoxic formula biodegrades, too, making it perfect for the great outdoors. Pack one on a camping trip or keep one handy in the glove box of your car or boat.

Unlike traditional extinguishers, this foam smothers electrical, solid, fat, or petroleum-based fires. And you can use it more than once, too (so long as there are still contents left in the can). It’s a conveniently-sized, easy-to-use solution you can carry with you and spray without a second thought.

KWCH - Does It Work

We got some help from Firefighter Darrell Graves with the Newton Fire Department. When it comes to fighting fires, he obviously knows what he’s talking about, and today Firefighter Graves is getting a look at the Mini Firefighter.

So…Does Firefighter Graves think it works?

“Yes. It does.”

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